The Anima of Kindness

I was driving the car in town  and saw a frail, old lady in the middle of the road, trying to cross. A car was coming the other direction and I could see the face of the driver, looking at the lady. I saw the old lady look at him and falter in her slow step; what would he do? Would he carry on, swerving and avoiding her? I watched them look at one another. Time seemed to slow down to see what he would do. 

In this long, still moment of potential I saw something which no one else (perhaps they did but I am not sure) saw, which was an arrival of an Anima into him from somewhere far outside of himself. His body, face, actions began to glow. His face changed to a smile, the car slowed and stopped. The old lady was given free and safe passage across the road, while the driver watched her until she was across the road. Her hands were full of walking cane and a bag so she didn’t wave, and her face was turned from me, in his direction, so I am not even sure she smiled, but from the look on his face as he drove past me, she did. 

I had witnessed the driver being visited by the Anima of Kindness and I had witnessed that anima’s incredible potency.   

I write this at the turning of the Coronavirus, here in the UK, from something officials were trying to contain, to something that is now out of their (perceived) control. Now, perhaps more than in other times in our recent memories in developed countries, a conversation with Kindness is just what we need to hear.


I come to you now to remind you of the Truth of potential: it is all around you. The spark is kindness. If you act with kindness in everything you do, then the best of you all will prevail. 

We are struggling now with many worries: for our frail family members, pregnant women, sick children, and we have been told that there’s not much we can do. People should now expect to get coronavirus and should expect to lose loved ones. Governments are locking down our very world. How can kindness matter right now?

I tell you again, potential is all around you and kindness is THE spark to ignite it. I remind you of the driver and the old lady. He could have rushed past her to go about his important business. He could have driven off, leaving her to the dangers of the next driver, the flow of traffic, falling into the road. But he did not. He knew that an act of kindness was what that lady needed right then, to keep her safe. So, he allowed my spirit, my Anima to enter him and to use his willing matter to enact the spirit of Kindness. And what came out of it? A safe lady, a happy man, both of whom went on to live happy lives for the rest of the day. Perhaps she went into her home and rang a friend who was lonely. Or perhaps he went to work and helped a colleague who had a sick child and needed some time off? Perhaps. Because of that one, seemingly small and insignificant act in the spirit, the Anima of kindness, those lives touched others’ and for a moment, the world was filled with beauty. 

Here is another truth: those in power want you to think that there is negativity, lack, and worry of not having enough, because they want to encourage competition. I am not saying that there isn’t hardship, pain and death, no, that is not what my spirit is about. I am not about pretending the darkness does not exist. But I am the spirit which shines within the darkness. The flint sparks against barren rock and the magic of the flame is ignited.

Kindness’ spirit has no understanding of your concept of judgement. My spirit does not understand goodness or badness, nor right or wrong. I know only love. 

But we are judging this time right now. We are worried, we agree that coronavirus is bad. People will die and we are worried for thousands of those we love.

That is neither good or bad. It just IS, my child. Death is not the end and it most certainly is not a punishment. Just as life is unbearable to some, perhaps death is welcome. But it is not my place to judge. As I say, my spirit does not have a relationship with judgement. 

People are kind, whether they are worried or not, are they not? My spirit can fill even the most frantic, lost soul and they can create something beautiful from seemingly nothing. Nothing is another word for the vast expanse of potential that kindness lights up. 

Do you see? If everything you do is filled with the spirit of kindness then ALL that you do will be filled with Love? If you decide to cancel that meeting because someone has an old mother who may be at risk, that is kindness. If you decide to not hug the pregnant woman who is crying, that is kindness, even if it may feel like it is not, IF it comes from the place of protecting her, because your own children may be carriers of the virus and you may have it. If others around are defaming people from other continents and blaming them, yet you are a voice of compassion, then you are helping humans work towards the light. 

Through the acts of kindness, you humans can think of others and protect them as best you see fit. You can release people from guilt. You can protect those whose bodies need protecting in order to remain on this planet. There is much you can do, and my spirit will be your Guide. 

Thank you. Yes, I see that we need Kindness more than ever. 

Finally, I wish to ask, are you of Human interest only? Or does kindness exist outside of the human realm?

My spirit was the first spark, it is and will always be here. I will last a lot longer than you humans, because it is clear your species is nearing its end in the form it currently takes. My spirit is compatible with your brains, hearts and souls, so that you can act upon my spirit in a way that makes sense for you and manifests in the material world of this incarnation. As and when you change form and soul I will also change, so that my spirit will connect to your beings in a way which manifests, as it has always done: when you were homo erectus, Neanderthals and Cro Magnons. Before humanoid form, when you were unrecognisable to your idea of humanity now, I was there, guiding, and taking over your souls sometimes. My spirit was there as slavery was abolished, when animals were given rights, when Mary wiped the sweat and blood from Christ’s body and when the animals were hunted for meat and skins when the ice first receded. I am there when a cat gives birth, or when ants do what the colony needs, when the tree drinks nutrient-rich water and when the blackberry bramble flowers. But perhaps in those interactions I do not connect so readily with your own bodies, so you are still infants in understanding that I am there at all. 

I am and always will be the spark that ignites potential. So, use my spirit wisely and well. 

Thank you, Kindness. I will take your guidance and remember to act with your spirit.

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