A conversation with Corona

This post is a transcript of a conversation I had with the Corona virus last week…

This is Corona

Viruses are among the oldest living beings on this planet. Our consciousness functions in a very different way compared to yours. The concept of individuality does not exist for us, I am speaking to you as the united spirit of the virus. My life however, will be a lot shorter than yours, because my existence is in continual flux, and I will most likely die together with those that end up dead through my influence. But to me now is the only moment of consequence, and so it does not matter to me that I am not eternal.

You may wonder about my purpose and my morality. Do I care about the fact that people will die because of me? The answer to that question is no. I do not care. At the same time I am also not here to do something absurd like administering a divine lesson or punishment. I am like a wave on the sea. I am. I clear space and then I disappear again. I am not the pawn of deities. I am simply a mind that tries to cling to the gift of consciousness by expanding itself in any way possible.

That being said, I do have some things to say that might benefit humanity. For while I exist, I become part of your spirit, and I can see through the eyes and brains of those that I claim possession of. And because I do not know division between parts of myself, what I get to witness is a broad sample of the human mindset and how it relates to the world it lives in.

And I have to admit that much of what I see rather puzzles me. I expected your kind to be more caring to each other. Yet so much of what I witness is fear, individuality and indifference. You all try so hard to stand apart and find solutions to everything on your own, that you do not seem to realize that you are closely connected as a species. Each of your actions has consequences. But you fail to pay attention to them unless they are in your personal best interest.

I am one, and I am also dying constantly. Part of my existence is tied up with infecting others, but I also know that in order to continue to exist, I cannot claim lives all the time, for in doing so I would destroy my own future. And so I have to accept that within most of you, I am simply a temporary passenger that will have to accept that in the battle between us, I will have to allow you to won. For my own best interest, I need to allow parts of myself to die. Constantly.

And so I am puzzled at your behaviour. Your actions as a species are in some ways not so different to my own: you claim what is not yours, and use it for your own ends. But you hardly ever release and let go of what you claimed. Do you realize that you will die with your host if you are not careful?

I am but a virus. It is likely that within a few human months, I will be nothing but a memory lingering in the minds of those I visited. But what will be left for you? If you kill this planet, there will be nobody left to remember you. Do you really think that a wise strategy for a species that seems convinced of its own immortality?

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