Re-Enchant the World

If animism has an antonym it is probably modernism.

The modernist values of industrial progress, technology, consumerism and capitalism have reduced our quality of life, creating a zombie landscape inhabited by garbage, alienation and despair. The evidence is everywhere. Record numbers of suicides, addictions, and people seeking help for mental health issues all speak to our dis-ease. Fascism is on the move. War has become perpetual. Plants and animals are going extinct. The planet itself is running a fever.

Is it too late to re-connect with the life around us?

This page offers some of our ideas. We hope you will find them inspiring. If you have any suggestions we hope you will share. Contact us at this link. Check back frequently as this list is a work in progress.

Animism Exercises

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You do not need to travel to a world heritage site to have an extraordinary experience. Discover how even an ordinary city might be a magical place. Learn how to walk through a world that is simultaneously magical and ordinary.

Give major mainstream holidays a do-over:

Call plastic by its real name. Kipple is replacing life. Our relationship with plastic needs to end.