Emma Restall Orr
Emma shares some of her experiences at Sun Rising Natural Burial and Nature Reserve and the importance of honouring our ancestors as an action, an activity, not simply an attitude.

Joanna van der Hoeven
A wide ranging discussion including hygge, hedge witches, anarchy, the intersection of politics with spirituality and more!
Janet Farrar And Gavin Bone
The connections between Wicca and animism, the spirit of place, tools and serving the divine.
Tylluan Penry
On being a Solitary Pagan Witch. “If I had to give some advice to a new witch, I would just say, ‘Be kind if you can. And if you can’t, well, at least avoid being cruel.”

Danni Lang

My hope for our future growth as humans and as a planet is that we become better at listening, to each other and the planet itself.

Ginger Doss

“Music is the sound of our emotion and the telling of our tales using the language of our soul.”
Interview with J.J. Middleway

“I am passionate about Sacred Earth songs, singing the land alive through prayerful vibration.”
Interview with Penny Billington

“As soon as I slow down, I feel what a privilege it is to play my part, by witnessing every aspect of this magical world – from a huge sunset to a miniscule, perfect spider.”
Interview with an Oak Tree
I decided to do this interview after Notre Dame had burned down, causing some discussion as to whether it was ok to rebuild the roof structure by cutting down ancient oak trees
Interview with the Game of Thrones
Arthur Frank once said stories may be made of air but they leave their mark. The study of stories may involve looking at themes, characters and other features but perhaps most importantly, one might also ask: what does a particular story do?