Black Sheep Druid

The name Black Sheep Druid came about as a tongue in cheek reference to being called the black sheep of the family. Always up to mischief and having fun. She followed the footsteps of her older brother another black sheep and started painting and writing in her early 20s. At the same time as working as a Spiritualist medium and psychic artist. She ran many spiritual development circles in the midlands, UK before moving to live in Ireland 11years ago.

In 1992 she became a member of OBOD and worked her way through all the levels to become a Druid in the early 2000s, a practise that she continues to this day. She used to work for Prediction magazine writing book and Tarot reviews and has designed her own oracle for readings that she does today in addition to Tarot.

These days she lives with her husband and many animals in Co. Limerick, Ireland, working as a full-time artist and assistant horse trainer. They both have a passion for the countryside and animals play a big part in their lives. Her husband is a horse trainer working with the principal of Natural horsemanship which allows the horse to learn in its own way rather than the old fashioned method of forcing them to do as they are told.