The Anima of The Global Earth Exchange

A beautiful event is being organized by Radical Joy for Hard Time next week, from 20-27th June, which we would like to encourage you all to participate in:  Global Earth Exchange. Practical details can be found through or

But… maybe a better way to explain what this is about, is the animistic way, by allowing the anima of the event to speak for itself…

I am standing in my sacred Grove, where I have held a ceremony of healing and wholeness. This is a sacred place of abundance, where flowers, trees, plants, animals of all kinds gather. They know that they have a place, they contribute to the whole. And they know that if they were not here that the All would not be here; the fungi, the rocks, the soil, the plants, would not turn it into something else, in their perfection, turning back into minerals and nourishment for all. 

In this place I ask the Spirit, the Anima of the Global Earth Exchange to come. Perhaps I should have gone to an obviously wounded place, like a fracking pad or polluted river. But the first connection I hear is: it is everywhere. The wound is everywhere, and I feel it strong in you. You are wounded. 

It is from this place of connected being that I greet the Anima and ask it come into this place. 

As it enters in it says: 

It is not about the Earth, it is about the humans. 

It is about having the eyes to see. 

Tell me more, please Anima. What do you mean?

There is a behaviour in humans and geology that causes extreme damage. Before the humans had an occupation and mind to turn things from one thing to another, Earth, Gaia was doing this. Yet every thing was within the living process, and was contained within this living process and evolved to mean something significant, so that the turning over process was meant to turn things into some thing else. So when Earth ravages with a tsunami, or earth quake or drought there is untold ripping apart and wound and damage, yet very quickly something collects in that space. And that is Earth’s being acting as Healer, wound cleanser. From those so-called wounds comes enormous creativity. For it is to rip apart that creativity can come. 

Thank you for that message. As a human I need to know: what are we doing within a Global Earth Exchange that is turning to that which is not that? What is it that we are doing, that makes us feel so uncomfortable, disjointed and orphaned from that very process that you talk about?

When humans first became, they became with their memory intact, held deliberately in their DNA; they knew it was in their being, their gut language, their heart and mind language. Even in the lines of the land, that were telling them where to go and where to live and where to feed. They were enmeshed in a memory matrix. That matrix guided them so that they knew they were part of the complex and dynamic system I speak of. Slowly over time, something happened to SOME of the humans, not all. But in turn, most groups of humans have had to face the same challenge; that of capability and capacity over right relationship. Sometimes those humans have had to learn the hard way, by collapse, from taking too much or destroying too much. 

Sometimes some humans haven’t had to do it at all. There are few, few but they are there, who have continued to live in right relationship, knowing this dynamic force system that I talk of. But yet, some have maybe forgotten  that they live within the system, or they have deliberately detached themselves from their memory, their body, heart, gut and land memories. More importantly than that, they have detached from the other-than mind memories. That is what I speak of. 

Everything on this Earth is within this system. So a being is both an individual in itself, such as the silver birch and part of the system. That is a silver birch. It also has to be part of the forest, part of this grove, for as you say, it has a place, for the nourishment of everything and the breakdown of the rocks beneath it and the turning of the air it is breathing into carbon for it to grow and oxygen. Yet the humans I speak of, they deliberately turned away from all that and refused to access the memory. Something in them, greed, or the Fall memory, became stronger than the living memory and the truth memory. They thought-erroneously- that they were detached from the system. So words became important to them, the word “woundedness” was never, ever a word that the Earth created. 

When they fell, and they fell so cleverly, they fell and they started to take things with them, because they did not see. So your quarry is now your house. The fracking pad is now plastic in your phone. The oil that spills down the rivers, is now fuel in your car. The coal they took from the hills is now keeping you warm and dry, and the lead they ripped out of the land is now keeping the churches watertight and do not allow the sacred cleansing rain to enter into their religious places. 

They do not think of these things as wounding, they think of them as transmuting and actually think they are doing what they have seen the Earth doing, ripping and changing. 

So really, Global Earth Exchange is not about Earth and Her wounds. It is about you really looking at yourselves, turning towards that relationship between taking and making, killing and breaking. And turning to it, to seeing where things can be different. They only way we can see if things can be different is if we look at what IS. 

Are you telling me then, Anima, that really Earth Exchange practice is about opening our own hearts to our own capacity to wound? That is a very hard thing for a lot of people to hear. What if they are victims in their own way, what if they have suffered trauma? How can they sit comfortably with the practice of turning to their own wounds as both a human person and as a being of one system, the Earth system? Facing our own wounds is one of our greatest failings.

All I can say is that if you do not try, you end up being complicit. You end up only taking what is made by the humans and not seeing at what cost it has come at. You must see that you fell. This is the true wound that you go to the fracking pad and see. You go to the quarry and the polluted river and witness the cormorant who can no longer fly because she is covered in a slick. That being, of course, just like the silver birch is suffering. Look through that suffering, as if you are looking at your reflection in a mirror, you do not look at the mirror, you look through it. And through it you see yourself. 

THAT is a global Earth exchange. You are giving your attention to the Earth and the Earth is giving you to yourself. 

Thank you so much, Anima. Thank you for this. This is a deep teaching. This is the deepest truth; to look through the wound at the reflection of myself. What is really looking back at me when I gaze at the wound? When we see ourselves, when I see myself, in the reflection, then begins the process of restoration and reparation, and healing. So much healing is needed. 

The practice ends with an act of beauty, made from what we find at the wound. Can you speak of this, please?

There is magic in a happy ending. Your fairy tales and myths have fossilised at least some memory from Deep Time, and they give you that. Your psychologists would say that to make an act of beauty is to acknowledge the wound and transmute it, so that you, the human witness, feel as if you have given something back, in apology, perhaps, to the place, and to yourself. I would say that this very act is the righting of the transmutation process that you have got so wrong, righting the wrongs within you as well. When I spoke of what you turn things into, like a toxic mirroring of your own Mother Earth’s processes, this small act of beauty is just that once again, turning a wound into beauty. This is the magic that perhaps you humans are occasionally aware that you possess. This act is a direct memory strand from the matrix, coming into your heart space, then through you and into the wounded land.

Or perhaps it is the land who awakens the memory in you.

There is no need to fix. I know. There is just a need to notice and to love.

Thank you, Anima, for this. 

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