Will you help me breathe again?

This is a message from the land you live on.

I have a little something I would like to ask for. It is not much. Not much at all. Just something that would make it possible for me to keep sustaining you in the future.

Would you mind taking not everything for yourself? Simply remembering that you are not the only creature living here, and that maybe they deserve a place to live as well, and so that maybe you might want to stop turning this planet into a concrete desert for no other reason than that it is more convenient for you if the weeds cannot grow there.

But what is a weed but a plant you have decided is not of any use to you? May I point out that they are my children just as much as you, and that I love them just as much as you, and that they are here to fulfill a function within the web of life, just like you.

About that. The web. Another thing that I would like to remind you of. That you are not separate from its cycle, and that you cannot go on taking without giving back. For that way you will end up killing yourself, as there will come a point where the rest of the web might come to the conclusion that you are a cancer, and that for the survival of the whole, it might be best to just cut you out, destroy you and forget you ever existed. It would hurt, but not much more than the hurt you are already causing. Would you blame us for coming to that conclusion?

You, who are such an expert at insuring your own survival. You who have invested all your creativity in eliminating any possible challenge or threat to your existence. Would it surprise you that much if the web decides to learn from you and use your own strategies against you? For in all your eagerness, you are forgetting one thing. That I am alive. That we are alive, and that we are not nobody. We are the web. We are life itself. And just like you, our first and foremost striving is survival. And right now it is very tempting to take you out of the web.

And yet we love you. We love you to pieces, for we have also witnessed all the beauty that you are bringing to this world, when you create stories and songs, or beautiful paintings. We see that you are capable of caring deeply. And it is that which puzzles us. Why can you not remember that you are and always have been a part of us? Why is it not possible for you to sing a song to the winds every time you see one of our children, just like you do it for your own? Why can you not reciprocate everything you are given? We know you can, because we see the love between human parents and human children. Why can you not have the same kind of relationship to the land that cares for you like a mother would and the sky that cares for you like a father?

And so please hear my little question. Not much. Just a reminder that I am quietly crying in despair right now, and I could do with a little comforting. Will you help me breathe again?

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