Once again we arrive at the Spring fire festival of Imbolc and this year Nature is giving us mixed messages. 2 Days ago I noticed daffodil plants had shot up almost overnight and things were starting to grow above ground. Then last night we had our first snow of the year. A little later than usual and a gentle reminder that we are not through the worst of winter yet, we still have a little time to go before we can start growing our seeds and watching them develop into wonderful new plant beings.

It is very similar in our lives, the plans we might have hatched during the winter solstice can now begin to be put into action. Most of the colleges have short evening courses starting, so a lot of people are signing up to learn something new. Schools are back in session and learning abounds. I’ve even signed up for a course or 2 myself. This is the time to begin as new and exciting things are afoot.

The recent new moon and January’s lunar eclipse in Cancer have caused a shift in awareness, and with all the big planets in Capricorn making conjunctions it is time for things to change on a global scale.

There is massive unrest and turbulence in the world right now, with all the natural disasters, viruses and protests that are going on. Things will change whether we want them to or not. 

Some people view change as a bad thing, they are comfortable with the way things are, in their own routines. It can often be seen as being stuck in a comfortable rut. But change can be a good thing. It’s time to spring clean every aspect of our lives. We often do a big clean in our houses and gardens at this time of year, throwing out the old and making space for new things to come to us. It’s also a time when many of us think about what we need to change in our diets, to make us slimmer, healthier and have more energy for the Summer to come. 

Brighids fiery cross

Bearing in mind that this is a fire festival dedicated to Brighid, we can also use an old Irish tradition of laying our cloaks, or coats over a bush outside the night before Brighid’s day. It is said that she passes over the land blessing any clothes that she finds and bringing help to those in need. If they are green in colour so much the better as this is one of her colours.

She is often seen as a gentle Goddess, but remember that fire can burn as well as cleanse, so if you are resisting something that you know you need to do, she can always give you a firm push in the right direction. She is a powerful entity and will fire your enthusiasm, but if you ignore it she is more than capable of giving you the kick you need to get started.

Life is beginning to stir again, you can see the first snowdrops appearing in the next few days, their delicate little blossoms can flower in the harshest of times and it is a reminder that whatever is going on in your life, no matter how hard, you can deal with it. Be kind to yourself and remember that you are stronger than you think you are.

The first lambs are also being born now on many farms and their playful antics can bring a smile to anyone’s face if you take the time to look out for them. Go for a walk and commune with Nature, she is ready and willing to show you where the beauty is if you have forgotten what it looks like after weeks of dull weather and long cold nights.

Love is also in the air, with Valentines day just a 2 weeks away, it is not a celebration just for couples it is also a time to fall in love with yourself again. Have you been overly critical of the way you look? What you do with your spare time? How you earn a living? If you have, think about what you can reasonably change and let the rest sort itself out. Constantly putting yourself down mentally is a habit you need to change right now. Life is full of opportunities at this time, pick one and run with it, you never know where it might lead. 

I am enjoying watching many romances blooming around our place right now. Last year we had a number of Jackdaws born, who are now adolescent and it is lovely to watch their attempts at courtship. A number of them gather on the shed roofs, and as our bedroom window overlooks them I can see the boys snuggling up to the girls and being all romantic.  A few have already become couples and so the cycle begins again. Other birds and animals around the area are also becoming very playful and it is lovely to see. Especially the pheasants, the males have such gorgeous colours at this time of year, I can see how the ladies are impressed.  Even the trees are starting to slowly wake up, with tiny new leaves starting to sprout. 

This is a lovely time of the year and as the days are getting longer we also get to see more. Try to get out into the open as much as you can and don’t use the weather as an excuse, recently scientists have discovered that 15mins stood under a tree in the rain is worth half an hour of feel good therapy or other lengthy mood enhancing practices.

On a higher level many of us are feeling a spiritual calling, again linked in with what is happening Astrologically, there is a greater awakening happening right now and it’s a good time to take up meditation, if you don’t do it already. There are powerful links to be made with your soul, it can  lead you to  find out your soul purpose in this incarnation. Once you find out what you came here to do and ,start doing it you will find a new sense of purpose. You may find yourself happier than you have felt in a long time. 

There are so many reasons to celebrate Imbolc it is the start of a brand new year of fun and magic. Make sure you join in with any celebrations happening near you and if there are no planned ones, make your own. 

I have also included a small Tarot spread you might like to try, to help you see the right direction for you at this time.

Many blessings of the season to you all.


The name Black Sheep Druid came about as a tongue in cheek reference to being called the black sheep of the family. Always up to mischief and having fun. She followed the footsteps of her older brother another black sheep and started painting and writing in her early 20s. At the same time as working as a Spiritualist medium and psychic artist. She ran many spiritual development circles in the midlands, UK before moving to live in Ireland 11years ago.

In 1992 she became a member of OBOD and worked her way through all the levels to become a Druid in the early 2000s, a practise that she continues to this day. She used to work for Prediction magazine writing book and Tarot reviews and has designed her own oracle for readings that she does today in addition to Tarot.

These days she lives with her husband and many animals in Co. Limerick, Ireland, working as a full-time artist and assistant horse trainer. They both have a passion for the countryside and animals play a big part in their lives. Her husband is a horse trainer working with the principal of Natural horsemanship which allows the horse to learn in its own way rather than the old fashioned method of forcing them to do as they are told.

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