On death, Rebirth and the Renewal of the Year

(The inspiration of this blog is based upon a blog I wrote last year, which you can read here )

Please may the Land speak to me? Of the end of the year, please can you tell me of something. I have a mind to know something of what it all means for the Earth, the turning of the year. [I realize She is speaking in the third person]

Earth speaks to you at what you call the turning of your year. Earth is already mostly asleep and all those who are in harmony with Her do the same. She does not feel that energy coming from you, Child. She feels things that Earth cannot place: you would call these waves of energy anxiety, jitters, fear. Earth has no place for them in Her experience of life. Especially now, in the Sleep Time. Is there some way that you can step out of that energy, in order to truly hear Her voice? It is off-putting…..

 ….. Ah that is better. Now Earth can speak and your energy is slower, calmer, so that it can be understood by you. Earth speaks all the time you know, but if you’re so constantly “jittery” then how will you ever hear Her voice?

 Now she will speak: now is the deep sleep time. Earth does not call it the end of the year, nor have such a strange obsession with death and rebirth like you humans have. For all is a continuum in Earth consciousness and is not so easily demarcated: this is a time of death, this the time of growth, this the time of harvest, this the time of sleep. So convenient to you, but not Earth. Not those in the real energy flow, that Earth sits within in the cosmos. Linear Time plays a trick on you, strange Humans, by repeating over and over and over the cycles, it has made you giddy with the merry-go-round. It is still linear, even when it is broken down into easy-to-digest seasons for you.

 Can you explain this, please? Many of our native cultures use the turning of the seasons to illustrate how time is not linear but circular.

Yes, to illustrate, but not as the thing itself. The seasons are a metaphor, no more, of the Great Mystery of Time and you would do well to remember it. Spring follows Winter as surely as your Tuesday follows Monday. That the weeks repeat over and over is not an example of circular time and you know it, in your marrow. It is in fact a representation of the linear cage within which you poor fallen souls inhabit. You call it Time when really you’ve confused the real meaning of what Time is. Of WHO Time is.



Oh, yes. Time is a tricksy fellow, who loves to play around and jump from soul to soul, making his persona confuse each in turn. Time does run in a straight line, when he is in his marriage bed, with Matter (or Lady Sound). But when he’s playing, he runs around and cascades his dimensional energy from place to place, time to time, so that if you are not careful, you will eventually forget that Tuesday will follow Monday, and you may miss it out altogether, through no fault of your own, ending up on Friday with no notion of how it happened. Well Earth will tell you how it happened: it happened because you forgot that Time gets out of bed and bends things around him like a cloak.

 I am intrigued by this truth: of course, Time is a person. A ‘he’. Father Time. I suggest this.

Oh yes! He would like that. Mother Earth, Father Time. He is not my husband you know, but that of the Greatest Mother of All, of Whom Earth is merely Daughter. Mother Sound, or Matter. Perhaps one day you could spend some Time (he’d most certainly get involved with that conversation!) connecting to Her? Then you will understand more about what Earth means about Time being linear and multi-dimensional all at once. By that, I mean more than the 4th dimension of the realm in which you mostly inhabit, but the 8th, the 10th, the 103rd, and onwards, so no wonder occasionally you bump into Time playing with your paltry four in this plane.

 I thank Earth for her exquisite conversation. I wish her a happy Solstice and blessed New Year and I get the energetic equivalent of a shrug from her. I smile and mean it, nonetheless.

For nearly a decade, Harriet Sams has been reconnecting people to wounded places through bearing witness to the places we love and bringing healing to the imminently threatened. For more information please visit: www.radicaljoy.org

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