How Yoni Eggs Converted a Crystal Skeptic

May I make a confession?  I’m a former Catholic (that’s the context, not the confession!), and certain ideas are still embedded in my brain, even though I no longer attend mass. I confess that I have always been skeptical of using crystals, gems, and rocks in any circumstances.  “Dumb as a rock” is a phrase that I’m no stranger to. When I worked at a vet clinic, I rolled my eyes privately when clients insisted on having a crystal around when their pets were getting surgery. I certainly respected their wishes, but I thought it was superstitious nonsense.  And when I saw the term “rock person” on this blog? Fuggetaboutit! I’d scoff and repeat the term with disdain. 

 I can see now that my perspective was disrespectful.  I had closed my mind to the idea that communication with them was possible, and thus overlooked their potential as an earthen ally.  Returning to my Catholic roots, I am making this blog post about penance: I would like to share my journey about learning to open to the power of stone, and the insights that I have received from interacting with them.

 On my spiritual journey to wholeness that began approximately three years ago, Nephthys, the Dark Twin of Isis, sent me a vision: one of a sparkling pink egg, with silver-lined petals unfolding into a lotus around it.  “Ah, you found my egg,” she said. Then she requested that I purchase three of these Lotus Eggs. I had never heard of a Lotus Egg before, and so I entered it into Google and searched. A Lotus Egg, as it turns out, is a Yoni Egg…  As in, crystals shaped like eggs that are inserted into the vagina for psychospiritual healing purposes.

 The skeptic within reeled! “Ohhh, no…  Uh-uh. Those are those eggs that GOOP sells!  That is NOT happening.”  

 The mystic replied, “Isis has gotten you further in your healing than anyone else.  Why not trust her?”

 The ego sighed and compromised.  I did more research and came to my own conclusion: GOOP monetized Yoni eggs, but they were around long before that company, and any of us alive today, existed.  Yoni eggs do not perform all the physical miracles that GOOP claimed (and was fined for). But, perhaps the reactions of gynecologists were overblown too; particularly ones whose names have benefitted from their opposition to the company.  And so maybe, just maybe, I could surrender to the Goddess and do as she asked. Armed with my hygienic plan and grain of salt, I purchased the three eggs of the Taoist tradition (which is supposedly the origin for the practice) and waited for them to arrive.

 Years later, those eggs are still near and dear to my heart.  Each one has its own spirit and use, I can attest to that. It was through the eggs that I was able to see how stones could be catalysts for energy.  And so, what I would like to do now is try and describe some of the feelings and visuals they have brought me. Considering the intimate nature of the Yoni eggs, I have found that my visualizations with them are typically stronger.  These writings are notes taken after the first attempts with them and expounded upon after the fact.


 First Egg Encounter: Jade

 Euphoria!  Tantric images swirl by.  Golden phalluses, milk inundating the black ground in which the egg is buried.  Green lightning flashes upwards from the egg. Release happens, and I see myself flying through the air.  I went EVERYWHERE! I went to China, to the depths of the Earth, through space… Anywhere the imagination desired.  I was having vision problems for so long… Was blind but now I see! It was as if Nephthys assigned this egg first so I would release my skepticism with a positive journey.  That I did. Afterward, I cleansed the egg and held it in my hand. As I moved to place it in its new home on my altar, I saw a bright galaxy swirling in the core.

 Second Egg Encounter: Obsidian

 Physical Sensations Afterwards: A little worn… But buzzed and tingly all over?  

This one was not as pleasant as the first one. If the core in the Jade egg was a galaxy, this one was a blackhole.  There was no upward journeying on this one, this was an anchor. I went into the core of the egg. My spirit guide could not go there with me…  Her powers didn’t work? It was as if time reversed; she got younger and younger, then disappeared.

 It was a place where there was constant suction and black wind, obscuring the air like static.  I found my body there… I think? But it was just skin, pretty much. It had no substance, it was floppy like a deflated balloon.  I kept trying to inflate it back up… Tried building with earth, mixing in water, blowing it like I was giving CPR… Forget fire, it wouldn’t stay aflame.  There was nothing I could do. I had to leave it behind.

 Something told me it was time to birth the egg, as Nephthys had instructed me to “birth my darkness into light”.  When I held it in my hand, I saw my “child”: Apollo; a god of light from my black egg. I asked Apollo to go looking for my body.  He went blazing in a fiery chariot and came upon a tomb with an unconscious, golden-haired glowy woman (like sleeping beauty?). He went up and kissed her on the lips.  She dissipated into a multitude of black snakes… And that was the end.

 Third Egg Encounter: Rose Quartz

 LIGHT!!!  Oh, so much light.  Joy, Love; my cup runneth over!  If my energy field is permeable, then this energy fills the cracks; like how the Japanese art of Kintsugi fills the cracks of a broken bowl with gold.  I feel whole. No flashy journeys, no cosmic cores… But can I keep this feeling forever?

My exploration with different stones is still in progress.  Isis requested that I purchase a few for myself; some I already had.  I’ve found that when I wear them, I have stronger boundaries between myself and others.  For most of my life, I’ve had trouble determining where I end, and others begin. Placebo effect or not, I feel more at ease with others when I adorn myself with my talismans and amulets.  That’s a win for me when nothing else has done the trick.

 Now when entering a New Age store, I beeline towards the stones!  I’m excited to hear what they have to say. I’m not saying anyone else needs to stick a crystal up their hoo-ha…  But I hope that my experiences can help open the minds of other skeptics like myself. If something so simple can bring someone like myself such profound healing, then I hope that others can open themselves to the ancient wisdom that stone allies can bring.

Isidaya is a Zen Druid by day, a Green Witch-Shaman by night, and a Unitarian Isiac forever and always.  A student of human nature, she has a special interest in Spiritual Alchemy – turning the soul from lead to gold. In real life, she is Mother to her Golden Horus-Child, an herbalist, and an aspiring psychologist with a focus on healing trauma and addiction.

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