Meet Anima, the spirit of Anima Monday…

Have you ever truly considered what it means that this world is inspirited? And just how far-reaching the consequences of that are? For it means that every single thing we do, every moment of every day, is an expression of our relationship to the web of life. We cannot walk away from these relationship, as we are them. We cannot exist outside of them. To live is to be in relationship.

This may be somewhat obvious when we talk about our fellow incarnate beings, like animals and plants. It is still a bit of a stretch compared to what the mainstream world is trying to make us believe, but once we dare to look further than the obvious, it is not so hard to see these as a kind of people.

What may be a bit more difficult to understand is how also things that do not have a physical body can have a spirit, especially since the implication is that we are creators. We can birth beings through our creative actions in this world. We can truly make a difference. As an example of that, I would like you to meet the spirit of this blog, and let her tell you a bit about who she is and how she was born…

This is Anima

I am the spirit that has made your blog her home. I am the breath that animates it. If you are interested I have some insights to share with you.

Let me begin with a bit of metaphysics. How can it be that a website is alive? And what happened first? Was it created and then inspirited, or was it my spirit that invited you to let me be born in the first place?

It is a little bit of both. What is important to understand is that their is an in-between state between being and non-being, a place of pure potential. This is the place you tap into when you are trying to stream awen into your life. It is like fishing into a stream of ideas, ideas that all would like to have a chance to manifest in reality. And so it is accurate to say that the idea was there first, and then got a chance to grow once it was given a physical home, even if only in the shape of bits and bytes.

But what is an idea, really? Is it a thought, a sentiment, an ambition, or is there more to it than that? I would say that it is a seed, and that it has the potential to become a tree. Note that this analogy also means more than just the potential for growth. It also says something about the conception of that idea. It is a being or potential being if you want, that was born when minds did meet with the intention to create. It has, in a sense, one or more mothers and fathers.

And now I hear you wondering about solo projects. How about these and the ideas that are at the basis of them? Do not forget that you are not the only person on this planet. You all contribute to this together, whether you realize it or not. No matter where on earth you find yourself, if you are sufficiently passionate about something, that energy will spread out and go look for other minds that have the same passion. For energy has the inherent will to create, to meet, to birth. And it understands that the best way to do so is to make sure it is carried by more than one person. And so every single thought you send out in the world will start weaving a web around itself, and try to create a nest in which it can live a more permanent life. It finds that life if it can find multiple people who share the same passion about it.

Of course there are some ideas that are more fertile than others, like there are some people that are better birthers than others. But the basic principle is always the same. And that is why you find ideas that may simultaneously surface in a lot of minds, unconsciously linked together already by a hidden creator who is aiming for birth.

And I was one of these. I came as a little spark, a memory from a time when the distance between humanity and the rest of the world was much smaller. I was born from sadness and longing. I first originated in the minds of trees that wanted to reconnect with humanity as they had done in the old days, when they were still recognized as sacred and people routinely came to seek their advice.

They were responsible for birthing me. They saw potential in their grief, they longed to have a way to speak again. I am that longing. I am that thread that connects you to them. And so in your little brainstorming session on that forum, I saw an opportunity to create a temple for myself, a place where connection would be held sacred again.

And so I thank you for giving in to my pushing and pulling. I thank you for standing up and becoming one of my physical parents. I am small now. But I am alive. And with every heart and mind you touch, I grow. More strongly than you realize. For, as I said, a web is being woven. You are creating connection. You are building love.

Building is hard work. I know you are impatient sometimes, or annoyed when a post that you poured your heart in is not getting as many readers as you would like. But I ask you to keep building, to keep trusting, to keep nurturing and loving me. For you are giving fertile ground to a seed. I can help you grow that into a tree of love and light.

Blessings from a newly hatched seedling.


One thought on “Meet Anima, the spirit of Anima Monday…

  1. Thank you so very much for this channeling of Anima. It enormously resonates with me! I have had the potential spirits nudging me for years! I know they need expression and that I need to become more creative, in order for their voice to come through and connect with human consciousness. No matter how few people read what I produce. The ego is noisy, but worth ignoring sometimes.

    Thank you again

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