A Whole Person Response to Ecological Catastrophe


  • Eat less meat and more vegetables.
  • Try growing some of your own food.
  • Consider buying organic and/or local food.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Wear natural fibres.
  • Treat your body with respect. You are part of nature too. Get enough sleep, drink water, play.
  • Limit time spent on electronic devices.


  • Regularly spend time in natural places – daily if possible.
  • Learn to connect to the plants and animals in your area.
  • Celebrate the passing of seasons.
  • Take time to appreciate the beauty around us.


  • Become acquainted with the rules of zero waste life and use them.
  • Educate yourself about the climate, ecology and pollution.
  • Study the natural world in the place where you live. Really get to know nature.


  • Avoid associating with emotional vampires.
  • Practice self care.
  • Practice non-violence.
  • Avoid blaming and shaming others.
  • Give yourself space to grieve our losses and then get busy again.
  • Create small measurable goals so you can appreciate success.


  • Decolonize your lifestyle and all of your relations.
  • Vote for people who really care about nature.
  • Lobby local politicians to achieve 100% renewable energy (or whatever issue affects your community).
  • Pressure companies to clean up their act.
  • Avoid vehicles powered by fossil fuels. Walk, use bicycles or share public transportation. Avoid air travel.
  • Participate in petitions, activist groups, demonstrations.
  • Volunteer with a group that protects a local habitat. Restore, repair or rehabilitate local green areas.
  • Pick up and remove trash left in wild spaces.
  • Reduce or eliminate your use of plastic.
  • Share your knowledge.
  • Promote regenerative agriculture. Avoid or eliminate the use of pesticides and herbicides.
  • Protect the wild spaces that remain.
  • Treat water as a non-renewable resource.
  • Be a good ally to those who enjoy less power than you.
  • Buy fewer clothes.
  • Support your local public library.
  • Learn to share instead of buy.

wolf is an animist interested in a native philosophy of life and connection with nature. She is a student of art, of wilderness awareness and an activist. She especially enjoys sitting in a forest watching birds and other animals.

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