Ginger Doss: Spirit and Songs

There is something magical about Ginger Doss.

Ginger is one of those rare souls with the natural ability to not only hear the music of spirit but translate its messages for the rest of us. Her talent seems endless: she is a singer, songwriter, musician, producer and energizing performer. She once described herself as a hippy warrior spirit. That phrase fits. It takes a lot of courage to live the life of an independent artist. At the same time she overflows with compassion. That combo has resulted in the creation of a lot of healing energy.

Years ago one of my music teachers shared with me a little bit about her dissertation. She said that there was a time when the world was filled with song. People sang on their way to work, while they were worked as well as during their leisure hours. With the rise of capitalism everything changed. Music started to disappear from ordinary life – only a relative few were able to enjoy the privilege of creating and performing music. Lately, I see a trend toward a great democratization of music. People are now much more able to make and distribute their own music. What has been your experience as an Indie artist?

It has been totally fulfilling and rewarding and at the same time it can be overwhelming. I love having control over my music and how and what I create. But there are times when I would welcome the help of a full staff of music business professionals; marketing and promotion, graphic design, video production, press agents, booking agents and online business developers.

I think that’s what most people want when they seek the “record deal”. To have all of that and still be in charge of my career would be the ultimate for me. Still as my own manager acting with full trust in the direction of spirit, I am grateful for the amazing experiences I have had and continue to have with the vibrant communities I connect and share music and energy with.

Your beautiful ride sounds a little exhausting =) You project a lot of healing energy through your music and performances for others. I think people really appreciated how you stepped up to help after the flood in Houston. You seem like a person overflowing with compassion. I was sorry to hear of your mother’s illness. Have you found a way to nurture yourself through this time?

For me rest is usually the only thing I need. And I usually pretty much collapse for a couple of days after a trip down to care for her.

I like to think of music as a kind of language of magic or spirit. You have written eloquently about how creating music is a way of channelling or listening to spirit. Something similar happens to the listener. My initiation into your work was watching the video Ganesh is Fresh. Every time I hear that song without fail I am filled with hope and joy. What is it about music that connects us to spirit?

I have often said “Music is the sound of our emotion and the telling of our tales using the language of our soul.” Music truly is the language of my soul and expresses my heart in ways that words cannot. It shapes and raises energy, enchanting the air around us the same way that prayer and ritual can. Of course it connects us to our highest vibration, or spirit. It takes the chatter of the mind out of the picture and opens the path straight to the heart. FYI, I did not write “Ganesh is Fresh.” That is the work of MC Yogi. Check him out. Amazing!

Do you find it easy to connect with live audiences? It looks from the outside like you are having a lot of fun!

Oh yes.  Sharing my music with a live audience is the ultimate incarnation of my art. In those moments I can lend my own energy to the sound. That’s when the music comes alive and becomes an experience unique to that moment. I actively open a channel when I perform to allow spirit to move freely through me. And when I feel the energy of those sharing it with me, that is when the magic truly happens.

You have said before that you see each song as its own entity. This approach feels humble and respectful. Do your songs come to you fully formed or do some need to grow over time?

Each song definitely has its own evolution, and that doesn’t ever seem to stop  Some songs come very easily and some take a lot of work. Music production is one of my passions and I produce all my music in my own home studio from scratch. I arrange each part and give every detail a lot of care, paying attention to the feeling it creates. That is when I know a song is done, when the feeling of what I wish to express is fully present. Over time as I perform the songs they take on new life and new meaning, sometimes surprising me and inspiring me all over again.

You are a person who travels a lot. As you travel across the continent from one hippy pocket to the next, what is Turtle Island saying to you?

“I am beautiful.  I am open. I am free. Take care as you pass by and remember that these roads were once trails through unchanged lands.” The road is my world between worlds.  A place for much contemplation as the beauty of this country passes by my window. I am often in wonder, awe and peace.

Do you have any new projects you’d like to talk about?

Yes!  I am very excited about a few projects I have going the most important of which is my new album “Sacred Flow”  This is my first full concept record. The idea was given to me in that “just before waking state” one morning last year.  I heard the voice of spirit say something to the effect of  “Write an album of songs celebrating sacred practice and symbol,  putting each to music so that they become a musical experience.” I jumped out of bed and told my partner Andrea about it right away. Progress has been slower that I would like since my mother’s illness requires that I take time caring for her down in Texas every month.  But so far I have 3 songs near completed “Mandala” “Rune” and “Kundalini Rising” and a 4th that I am working on now “Celtic Knot”. I came up with the titles or themes I wanted to write about ahead of time. That is a first for me! Still to come are songs I have yet to work on called “Prayer” and “Talisman” and “Labyrinth” There will be 10 in all, possibly more.

Readers interested in learning more about Ginger Doss are directed to her website. Fans interested in supporting her indie efforts can contribute here.

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