Announcing: Anima Monday Discussion Themes

Anima Monday is an experiment in looking at the world from an Animist Perspective. One of the core aspects of that is the realization that we are all fundamentally connected, that together we form the web that is life. This is a realization that forms the basis of the work that we do here.

That means that we think it essential to allow as many voices as possible a chance to get heard, and also to make this a two-way communication rather than a set of lectures: we want to hear from you all, and we want our understanding to develop by talking about what this means to all of us, together.

To this end, we have created a facebook group: Anima monday: exploring animism.

You are all very much invited to join us! We welcome any question or discussion topics, as long as it is related to animism, and as long as the conversation is respectful of all opinions.

Anima Monday Discussion Themes.

Of course, opening a group for discussions means that we will need some conversation starters…

And so in the coming months, we will propose some discussion themes which we believe to be especially relevant to paganism today. The first theme will be animist ethics: what are the ethical implications of calling yourself an animist: how can it inform the way you live your life?

To kick of the discussion, here’s some posts we have scheduled for you in the coming weeks:

  • March 27: An animist perspective on evil – plastics as a case study

We do hope that these themes will fuel a conversation around this theme, and we invite all of you to join in. See you in our virtual cafe!

Of course, we know that there is far more that can (and probably should) be discussed, and for this we are looking to our audience. If you feel called to write a guest post that would fit within this theme,  please do contact us*!

At the end of each theme, we will finish with a round-up post giving an overview of the wisdom that has come out of the discussion (both from guest posts as well as interesting thoughts that have come up in Facebook discussions).

*We intend to be a neutral place for discussion, so multiple opinions are welcome and will be represented when offered, even if (and perhaps especially if they contradict each other). For instance, on the subject of eating animals we are prepared to represent both a call to veganism as well as an exploration of whether there are ways to reconcile (limited) meat consumption with an animist ethics. We will only learn from each other if we are prepared to also consider viewpoints that are not our own and which we disagree with.

Beith is a druid who likes to wander through the forest, inviting the trees to be her teachers in life. She also runs a personal blog about her druid journey, that can be found at In real life she’s a mathematician, trying to walk the boundary between the rational and the irrational.

5 thoughts on “Announcing: Anima Monday Discussion Themes

    1. That’s too bad, you’ll be missed! Sigh, this is such a conundrum… I am not a big fan of facebook myself, but it happens to be where most people are. So… what to do: accept this reality, or create a forum away from facebook and risk that nobody shows up? Still not sure what the right answer is…

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      1. Don’t know. I used to love Pagan forums but it seems their day is done.

        You could try creating something on Instagram — post the discussion question as a graphic and get people to post their thoughts in the comments?

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