Id-entity and Animism

Today I would like to inspire you, and encourage you to hit the road towards a much broader perception of the world. I invite you to join me on a never-ending quest for self-actualization and genuine experiencing. I beg you to dream as much as you can, to work on enhancing your innate ability to daydream, to awaken your imagination and compassion…

My last series of channelings have centered on two core themes. Firstly, a very intense emphasis on Consciousness as the substance, essence of the Cosmos. Second, they contained information about how fluid, changing, shape-and mindshifting the Consciousness is.

I will share one of the texts channelled through my consciousness, originating from what in human folklore is usually called the realm of faery. I do not re-read these texts and I do no additional changes, I try to lessen my personal input.

We are more like esoterrestrials than extraterrestrials. We are beings of a particular kind, we do not want to call us a race, a species. We share qualities and by these we are similar to each other to some extent. That´s all.

From our perspective there is no division of that kind, earth being one place and another planet or star or cosmic body being the other place, divided by vast space full of nothing, a lifeless void. For us the environment is like a multidimensional cheese full of worm holes. We orient by our consciousness. We do not have senses like you, we have no eyes to see etc. We could say we sense, telepathically.

There are beings who inhabit the planet Earth and are similar to us in some ways, but they are more bound to the planet, emotionally bound. You know them by names like nature spirits, earthkeepers, elementals, faeries… in recent years more sensitive people started to feel these beings are transitioning, there is a kind of fairy exodus. It is because mankind has become poisonous for them. Mankind and the forces that get stronger as people are being consumed by technology and lifeless attitude.

 You should know these nature beings are crucial for the life on Earth. It is not just the so called physical side of the problem, like climate change and it´s factors. Climate change is the result of destruction of the matter and everything else. And because people are focused just on the physical plane, they are too blind to treat the changes in a way it could bring healing. It is also why we suggest you intensify spiritual, psychic work. Because your physical world can disappear, but it is not the whole story. You can sustain as a consciousness, bringing knowledge, wisdom, experience to the whole.

 Let your heart be the place of gathering and be it your true home. We sense we share the same love for love, we experience compassion as a fundamental feeling. We came to the point where we see the tremendous profundity of emotions, and we can say there are more emotions to be experienced, if you leave your human stage towards new forms of existence. There is such greatness and abundance of possibilities we wish you can experience it on your own. So you can be proud, respectful, free roamers of what-there-is-to-be(come).“


We should vastly expand the number of possibilities and identities we are willing to acknowledge. Not only regarding for instance human gender, but regarding the very nature of species itself. For this is what I now understand to be a form of ultimate animism: the possibility of Consciousness, Soul to inhabit any imaginable form, be it human, animal, plant, mineral, astral, extraterrestrial, other-dimensional etc. The spirit- soul can travel and incarnate, using various forms at different times. Therefore one should regard the world as being simply as a web of spirit, a web of Consciousness, animated cosmic tissue.

I am a very passionate animal communicator – telepathic animal communication is a tool for interspecies communication, the best I have come across. In doing this work, I have met various types of souls incarnated into various animal forms, including human souls. And this observation holds in both directions: some people are simply not human. This is a fact which our ancestors were very much aware of. While studying paganism, animism and mythology, you probably have encountered very vivid stories about humans who did marry Faeries and vice versa (and if not, see this as an open invitation to go explore…). There is the phenomenon of children being swapped, stories about changelings, faery babies found in the cradle.

Mythologies are packed with stories involving a broad spectrum of beings, with the non-human ones playing a very important role. Unfortunately, within modern paganisms, I have encountered a very strong emphasis on reading these stories in a metaphoric way, full of psychologization, with some basic inability to really have the gut feeling for beings other than human.

I am not writing this from the point of view of a neutral observer. For I do not consider myself as being human. The only human thing I have been endowed with is my physical body, and even there I can feel the effects of it being inhabited by my non-human soul. My senses are modified and I have very unusual self-healing abilities, to name just a few quirks.

Many times now I have been showered with hateful reactions just because I decided to speak this truth – the truth about my personal identity. It is similar to the experience of a LGBT+ person: you have to face hate and are deeply misunderstood, persecuted even. You have people telling you that you should be treated to become sane, normal, healthy. I guess it is understandable to some extent, that people want their safety, they want the world to be a simple place, they fear the unknown and are overwhelmed by Life‘s complexity and chaotic whirling.

I call on you: are you prepared to make the effort to understand us, all the entities who do not fit into the human bipolar world? For why should me being an incarnated fairy be considered as an offense to normal people? When no harm is being done to them? There are great healers and shamans who are incarnated entities, and witches doing their good work, hidden from the sight of their neighbours. You know you have one around you if there is this good soul willing to help just because doing good deeds is good. Of course not every entity has purely good intention, if you are willing to look you will encounter the whole spectrum. But it has been like this ever since the beginning of time.

Trying to suppress the true nature of unique beings is leading us all to a dead end. Literally, because anthropocentrism got us to the very brink of our own extinction. Extinction has become the fate of lots of species, and it is not about to stop or just cease. Much of humanity has lost their ability to sense diversity, and they are being trapped in a dream of human exclusiveness. I hear spiritual people talking about otherworldly inhabitants, but most of the time these are treated just like a kind of backdrop, a magic prop they use to feel more esoteric. I feel they want to believe, some of them feel how crucial the otherworldly beings – let‘s call them esoterrestrials, the hidden neighbours – are.

Connections between the worlds have become difficult to approach from within our civilized world, as humans are allowing themselves to be blinded by technology. It is always a sign of mastery to use any tool wisely and not to become enslaved by it. With technology great things are possible, both greatly beneficial and greatly evil. But without openness to Consciousness, it threatens to become a life-eating disease. These days, we see children protesting in an attempt to awaken the discussion about climate change, to move officials to action. We hear adults reacting in a patronizing or dismissive way, sometimes saying these children are doing wrong because they miss school. And there it is, civilized Western society, worshipping reason, maturity and responsibility. Without a spark of more open-minded thinking it claims children are behaving unreasonably and recklessly when they try to save their environment so they could live on this planet.

We all are living in times where imagination, profound feeling, compassion, non-profit activities, visionary thinking is seen as excess, redundant, something which can be done silently during leisure time. It is considered optional pass-time, as it is not making money or bringing worldly power. This kind of conviction is inducing the delusion of knowing-it-all and perfect understanding of the world, the mistaken idea that there are no gaps in our knowledge – and hence no space for the otherworld to reach us. You see how crazy it is once you focus on it, but the majority simply follows these crazy rules. Anybody who does not fit in is crazy instead – in psychology it is called externalization.

For me writing this article is a sort of coming out, an open confession of who I am. I had been hiding it for many years, many years I had been thinking I am just crazy, defective, damaged. I had allowed people around me to force me to adopt their values, their way of life, their way of perception. I saw my special abilities as pure fantasies, I rejected them and suffered from results that inevitably had to come. I blamed myself, of course. It had to grow to a more transpersonal issue, because my fairy part wasn‘t able to stand what mankind is doing to the environment.


My personal liberation has been fueled by experiencing how much global injustice is happening.

Recently, synchronicity led my steps so I could watch the movie Gräns – which again accelerated my quest for freedom of speech and manifestation. (Here you can find more information about the movie For the first time I saw a movie where main characters were dealing with the some of my deepest issues. So, I told to myself, maybe I am not that alone, huh?

The perception of animal perception is also changing, you can find great stories and findings in articles like and To cite the latter one: „David Chalmers, one of the world’s most respected philosophers on the subject, once told me that consciousness could be a fundamental feature of the universe, like space-time or energy. He said it might be tied to the diaphanous, indeterminate workings of the quantum world, or something nonphysical.“ I feel Chalmers put it very well. Consciousness is not human, crowish, whalish, antish, algal, troutish. It simply is. And it is infinite in the forms that can be moved by it. It would be much better to think about the world not in the terms of what is (im)possible, but in the terms what can be made possible, what we can sing into existence with our visionary skills and imagination. To put it clearly, to make the real world more like the place we visit in our dreams. We are not passive puppets driven by some lifeless determination.

I am sure some of the readers can very intensely relate to my words. They have never really experienced themselves as humans. Neopaganism, animism, shamanism, druidry are areas of profound interest for non-human beings, quite often for so-called Faeries. I don‘t want to speak for all of them, but I feel I have to speak for Faeries who are not currently being incarnated as humans – simply because humankind can neither hear nor speak any language except human ones, and because humankind will destroy itself and others if it won‘t start to work together with other organisms and entities.

Faeries are the salt of the Earth. They animate nature, they connect worlds so they can be more holistic, more whole. We all feel we are transitionig now, because the Earth is becoming dead. Inanimate. We can‘t do the whole work. We can‘t endlessly heal nature and witness how humans destroy it. We are not Sisyphus. This world is ours to the same extent as it is a home to humankind. If you poison and sell your world, you will simply die. It is that simple. Yet the end is open, it lays also in your hands, it depends on what you are and what you want to be. There are no limits, just the limits of your imagination. And imagination can be made wider, again and again. It has no bottom, same as the heart has no bottom.

I hope we are on the doorstep of a new world, a world that will be experienced as an assembly of various souls, spirits, who share the same base – Consciousness. If you feel touched by my words, if you feel as an esoterrestrial soul incarnated to a human body and if you feel you want to speak about it, you can leave a comment or you can contact me. Blessed be!

Text and illustration by Anna Wilhelmina Saxlova

Anna Wilhelmina Saxlova is an animist, artist & seeress practising shamanism, herbalism and the art of being 🙂 . She specializes in healing domestic animals and helping nature spirits. She lives in the Czech Republic on a small farm where she runs (not just) a farm animal sanctuary called Heidrún located next to a brook where ancient Celts panned for gold – the land here still whispers and shimmers and remembers these times, old gods are weaved into her body.

5 thoughts on “Id-entity and Animism

  1. I think the ending to this piece, the hope that we are on the doorstep of a new world where we’ll experience ourselves as an assembly of spirited beings who share consciousness as our base, is a hope that’s beginning to come true. It’s beginning to be realized. Sung into existence, as you say so beautifully.

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  2. I like the sentiments expressed, though I find some of the language used to express them a bit “New Age-y” for my taste. (I’m too Old School to be New Age) Still always difficult to express Non Materialist ideas/things in word thing, doncha think? Whatever, you’re basically right I feel, too many humans are cut off from Animals/Nature/th Life Force/ the Great cycles, all that. Most don’t even seem to realise other creatures are sentient. The Human Race is not well at all and I’m not sure there’s a cure. But don’t stop trying! Regards, keep up the good work

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    1. My apologies here, i am not a native speaker, so my vocabulary is limited. But to be honest, I stuggle with words even in my mother tongue, because language is based on ideas, concepts, ruling paradigms. We can think about the word “thing” as “res” in latin, which means thing, matter, issue, it is not just an object, but is also an event, a phenomenon. I am also sorry for the new age-y terms, but I use them to come closer to the cause, matter. My experience has showed some people find it very hard to grasp my ideas when I completely brush away words commonly used, like energy, vibration etc. I always prefer to add more profound description of what I mean by these words, but that gous far beyond the scope of a blog article like this.

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  3. Hello Anna, I saw you left a “like” to one of my stories so came by to look at your blog and landed on this article which I think is just wonderful to read. Nice to know we are not as alone as we think most of the time when we simply cannot “resonate” with the world of man. Thank you for presenting your nature to this world, it takes courage, hah!


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